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The bottom of White Bay forms the eastern beginning of Newfoundland's largest
Peninsula , the Great Northern, the "Petite Nord" of French song and history. If you
are visiting via ship, after passing French harbours such as Conche, Crouse, Croc,
St.Julians and Fishots Islands (Places involved in the life-and-death struggle
between England and france in 1706) and crossing Hare Bay, the largest Bay on the
eastern French shore, we reach St. Anthony.
Northern Ranger@ St. Anthony.                                                                          IGA Hospital    St.Anthony

This Harbour is entered between Moores Point and Partridge Point.The fairway
into the harbour is narrowed by Harbour Rock, this rock has a light shown at an
elevation of 18 ft. The town of St. Anthony, with a population of 3,107 in 1981, is
situated on the shores of the harbour. It is the headquarters of the Grenfell Regional
Health Services . Fishing and handicraft are its principal industries. The Curtis
Memorial Hospital , located on the SW shore, is a large conspicuous brick building.
The hospital has a 106 beds with full medical facilities. A helicopter and float plane
ambulance service brings patients to the hospital

Wm.T. Quinton/Bartlett 2002

One of the people who rescued Sir wilfred from the Ice pan.

St. Marys Anglican Church
Interesting facts:

"The Flying Machine"
February 18
Arthur Sullivan made history when he completed the first winter
airmail service by flying his Gipsy Moth as far north as St. Anthony,
stopping at villages along the way to take directions. The Oldest City 1975
Paul O'Neil
May 30,
At 8:30 a.m., on a clear spring morning, Arthur Sullivan and Karl
Kuehnert, a young dentist from Illinois visiting the Grenfell Hospital at St.
Anthony to get some experience, took off for a brief joy ride. At the end
of a night of merriment Kuehnert had expressed a desire for a closer look
at an ice berg which was grounded on a nearby cape. Sullivan was
delighted to give him the pleasure and they flew off in the Gipsey Moth
never to be seen again. Two nurses later reported seeing the plane fly
behind the iceberg, after which the sound of its motor suddenly died. The
Oldest City 1975 -Paul O'Neil

Fresh Cod @ Fbi St.Anthony, 1970's  Pictures
Cod, ready for splitting
Out comes the gut and liver
Mmmm! Fresh Salmon.
In from fishing