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 Newfoundland & Labrador
"In a leaky punt with a broken oar, 'tis always best to hug the shore" - (local saying)

Early Fench map (for Sr. Robert  de Vaugondy) of "petite nod" Nfld  listing Griquet as Triquet

Northward along the rockbound and surf washed shores of the northern tip of the Great Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland are traces of the Maritime Archaic tradition, first European visitors and vanishing Fishermen.
Some of my ancestors began to arrive in the New -founde-lande from the West Country of England during the 1700's  and became the first permeant 'Live'yers'.
Besides the fishing and hunting, they also acted as 'guardians' for the properties of the French fishermen from St. Malo, France.

Quintons, Hilliers, Manuel
Pilgrims, Pynns, Adams

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"At the northeast part of the French Shore, between Quirpon Island and Cape John, there are a few stray settlers (English), who's value cannot be reckoned upon, further than that their occupations are in aid of the French fisheries"
- W. E. Cormack, 1822