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Hay Cove

A small fishing settlement on the Great Northern Peninsula in Maria Bay between the settlements of ( Straitsview) Spillars Cove qv and L'Anse aux Meadows qv, Hay Cove first appeared in the Census in 1884 when there were fifteen people living there. The population was exclusively Church of England, and relied on the fishery for its livelihood. The population grew slowly from seventeen in 1891 to nineteen in 1935, and to thirty-four in 1951. During this period, the population also changed from predominantly Church of England to predominantly United Church. By 1966 the population had reached sixty. The fishery remained the economic mainstay of the community, with subsistence agriculture carried out by several of the residents. In 1982 employment was obtained by a few of the women at the fish plant at St. Anthony.
The children attended the Trueman Edison Memorial School at Gunners Cove and Bayview High at Lunaire-Griquet qv and the United Church church at Straitsview qv served the people.
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 Encyclopedia of Newfoundland and Labrador

ENL:4587 Hay Cove