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The community of Quirpon is situated along the south and SW coasts of the harbour.
Quirpon is connected by road to the Trans-Canada Highway. The harbour normally
freezes over in December, and the ice breaks up in May.The harbour is situated between
Jacques Cartier Island (locally known as Nobles Island), and the west side of the
south part of Quirpon Island. The entrance is between Jacques Cartier Island and The
Islets, a group of low rocks to the north. Quirpon harbour affords good anchorage for
small vessels.

Quirpon Island is located on the SE side of the Strait of Belle Isle, 14 miles south of
Belle Isle. Cape Bauld is on its northern point. It is a steep, rocky, barren point,
polished by the Ice floes and bergs that drift down from the Artic on The Labrador
current. It eventually rises to an elevation of 502 ft. (153 meters).

Some trivia :
Overhead power cable crosses the Tickle (southern entrance to Quirpon harbour)
between the south tip of Quirpon Island and and a position on the main land called
Noble Point.
The tidal streams off Cape Bauld are strong and variable and forms eddies. The west-
going flood tidal stream runs from 3-hours before and 3-hours after high water, and
the East-going ebb stream runs from 3-hours before to 3-hours after low water. The
tidal streams are much influenced by the wind.
Cape Bauld lighthouse is a red and white octagonal, 35 foot tower. The fog horn
signal is one blast every 20 seconds.

Gobineau Illustrations     ~mwilks/gobin7.htm"Gobineau Illustrations"Navires pris dans les glaces a la baie de Kirpon." [Ships stuck in the ice in Quirpon Bay-1863]